Configuration checklist

Name Configured
[CONFIG] MAL - Foci classified (%)
[CONFIG] MAL - Foci identified (new+old) in past 5 years (including current calendar year)
[CONFIG] MAL - Foci investigated (%)
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria cases classified as local
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria cases confirmed (number)
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria confirmed MEDIAN (threshold)
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria confirmed MEDIAN+2 STD (threshold)
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of P. falciparum
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of P. vivax
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of foci with zero local cases
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of malaria cases classified
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of malaria cases investigated
[CONFIG] MAL - Reporting completeness - DTH (%)
[CONFIG] MAL - Reporting completeness - IPD (%)
[CONFIG] MAL - Reporting completeness - OPD (%)