Configuration checklist

Name Configured
[CONFIG] MAL - % of all-admissions/all outpatients
[CONFIG] MAL - % of all-deaths/all admissions
[CONFIG] MAL - % of malaria tested cases by RDT
[CONFIG] MAL - % of suspected malaria cases tested
[CONFIG] MAL - Annual blood examination rate (ABER)
[CONFIG] MAL - Case fatality rate (malaria admissions)
[CONFIG] MAL - Case fatality rate (malaria outpatients)
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria cases confirmed (number)
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria cases positive microscopy
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria cases tested with RDT
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria cases tested with microscopy
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria confirmed MEDIAN (threshold)
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria confirmed MEDIAN+2 STD (threshold)
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria deaths inpatient
[CONFIG] MAL - Malaria inpatient admissions
[CONFIG] MAL - Non-malaria deaths inpatient
[CONFIG] MAL - Non-malaria outpatient cases
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of malaria IPD
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of malaria OPD cases
[CONFIG] MAL - Percentage of malaria deaths
[CONFIG] MAL - Ratio of admissions
[CONFIG] MAL - Ratio of consultations
[CONFIG] MAL - Reporting completeness - DTH (%)
[CONFIG] MAL - Reporting completeness - IPD (%)
[CONFIG] MAL - Reporting completeness - OPD (%)
[CONFIG] MAL - Slide positivity rate (microscopy)
[CONFIG] MAL - Test positivity rate (RDT)
[CONFIG] MAL - Total reported malaria cases (confirmed + presumed)
Name Configured
[CONFIG] 0-4 years
[CONFIG] 15+ years
[CONFIG] 5-14 years
[CONFIG] Other/unknown age