Annex: installation guide for TB configuration package

Version 1.1.0, last updated 06.01.2019

This annex describes additional configuration required for the TB configuration packages.

TB complete aggregate configuration package

Data sets for historical data

The TB module includes 3 data sets, prefixed "[old records only]" which are only included for the purpose of keeping historical data according to the previous reporting guidelines. Where possible, the same data elements have been used for the new and old forms. Indicators included the configuration package are linked to data elements from both current and old forms, to make it possible to compare data collected using the two different frameworks. These [old records only] data set should not be used for prospective data entry.

Translation for validation rules

Translations for validation rule content (the "instruction" field) is not translatable in DHIS2. However, French translations are available for the validation rules in the TB module. A bash script is available here. Replace SERVER, USER and PASSWORD as appropriate, and run the script to update the server with the French content.