Annex: installation guide for Malaria configuration package

Version 1.0, last updated 25.09.2018

This annex describes additional configuration required for the Malaria configuration packages.

Malaria complete aggregate configuration package


The configuration package includes predictors that calculate thresholds for malaria cases based on historical data. These predictors must be modified, and the "Organisation unit level" set to the level where Malaria data is collected. The predictors should also be scheduled to run at appropriate intervals to update the thresholds.

Cross-Border and Migrant and Mobile population

For settings where it is relevant, data elements for cross-border transmission and migrant and mobile populations are available.

Malaria dashboard configuration package

Threshold indicators

The dashboard configuration package includes two "threshold" indicators, which are meant to be produced by predictors. These predictors are not included in the dashboard package, since they rely reading from and saving output to data elements. The predictors included in the complete aggregate configuration package can be used as models for how to set up the necessary predictors.